Q: Do I need a permit for pavers?

Pavers are not considered a permanent structure like concrete but in some cases require a permit. You can preliminarily check with your city, county or HOA.

Some examples are:
1) When you encroach on a right of way.
2) Some waterfront communities only allow for a certain percentage of the lot’s surface to be in “impervious” area.
3) A licensed contractor can further direct you as to what is needed.

Q: Do you need a license to install pavers?

Although every city and county differ in their licensure requirements, most all municipalities require some form of occupational/certificate of competency license. You can validate a contractors license by simply looking online at Florida DBPR or your local municipality website. If you hire an “unlicensed” contractor, you can be in legal jeopardy as well.

Q: What do pavers cost per sq. Ft. To be installed?

This is a grey area: not all pavers are created equal, not every job or location is the same, nor does every business have the same overhead. At Paradise Pavers, we use THE finest materials available as well as hire THE best craftsman to provide a seamless project.

Q: Can I install 1” thick pavers over my driveway?

While there are materials out there that say they will bond the paver to the concrete, simply put 1” pavers are not engineered and manufactured for vehicular traffic. 1” pavers work great for what they were made for, over structurally sound concrete that is not compromised with cracks and sinking or heaved and in a pedestrian application i.e. pools, Lanai’s, walkways.

Q: Should I seal my pavers?

With our extensive experience at Paradise Pavers of SWFL, we strongly recommend sealing pavers. Sealing will protect your pavers from fading in Florida’s hot tropical sun, staining from grease, oils, food, tree or animal droppings as well as mitigate black mold and deepen color renewing the look of old pavers. No, you don’t have to wait for your new pavers to cure over a few months if you use a water based sealer that will dry in unison with ambient air temperatures and moisture.

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