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Paver Maintenance & Repairs

"If you have pavers, you need maintenance"

Paradise Pavers OF SWFL not only offers professional installation of pavers and retaining walls, but provides maintenance of them as well. We offer expert repair to sunken, broken, discolored pavers and wall units. With our "Professional Grade" cleaning and sealer products, we can resurrect your pavers and get them looking better than the day they were installed! We strongly recommend that pavers be sealed to preserve or restore color from sun bleaching, protect them from stains (oils, foods, animal dropppings, black mold etc.) and hide the appearance of "EFFLORESCENCE" (whitening of pavers).

In todays society we take care of our home in every aspect from painting, the roof, trees/shrubs, lawn but as a paver owner your investment is as important as all of the these combined.so why not make the decision to protect that investment today? Contact Paradise Pavers Of SWFL and one of our paver professionals will be happy to assist in choosing the right maintenance for your pavers.